Friday, March 8, 2013

packed like jaguars

I have made some bad choices in my life when it comes to relationships. Wait? Did I just say some? Make that many. Eventually I got pretty tired of running into brick walls. I had to stop and question why I was making decisions that led to such painful outcomes. And after a lot of exploration, and the realization that it was time to let something good into my life, Joe came along. And he's something good. Something really, really good. 

I am grateful for all the small moments in a day that I witness his tender regard, his fierce loyalty, and his openness to experience the little wonders of the world and how he brings these gifts to me, our son, and our soon-to-arrive daughter. 

This morning he made himself late for work so that he could crawl inside this tunnel with Taran "packed like jaguars" (Taran's suggestion after Joe said they were packed like sardines) and listen as Taran told him stories about all the things he was going to do and see on our upcoming visit to Ye Ye and Nai Nai's this weekend.

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