Monday, December 9, 2013

Better than ever

Do you ever go to share something from your childhood with your kids that you thought was absolutely amazing and upon viewing it with adult eyes, you are left feeling like all the color was just drained from your rosy memory? Kind of a bummer.

But other things totally stand the test of time and, in fact, are even more wonder-ful with the maturity and experience to recognize what was truly being offered. One such shining example... Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. That man was brilliant with children, deeply respectful of their feelings, decades ahead of his time in understanding that the best learning for little ones comes through play, and a fantastic jazz pianist to boot!

But don't just take it from me. Here he is convincing a bunch of stuffy politicians to save PBS back in 1969.

While we are generally pretty strict about TV and video watching around here (I know, we're THOSE kind of parents), Mr. Roger's is a whole other category of entertainment. I have as dopey a grin on my face as Taran when Fred does his little shoe-toss trick at the beginning of each episode and Taran and I gleefully shout back to the screen "Howdy, neighbor!"

So I was kind of tickled when Taran started rummaging through his drawers this afternoon in search of a cardigan, which luck would have it, we had. After he had zipped it up to the top and then, carefully, 1/3 of the way back down, he informed me that the outfit was not complete without a tie. I told him that I had no idea how to tie one, but he ran to the closet and handed one over saying, "Think about it, Mama". Clearly I have some practice to do, but he was more than satisfied and felt quite dapper. I know he's my kid and all, but I'm inclined to agree. Perfect outfit for whipping up some gingerbread men. Don't you agree?


  1. wow - I see the resemblance! good job with the tie

  2. I loved this video!!! This kid has the best taste!!! Yeah Taran!