Monday, June 23, 2014

For the love of donuts

This past winter, my 3-year old son wanted to do two things he’d never done before: ride a city bus and eat a donut (inspired by a Saveur magazine article). So one blustery winter day we hopped on a bus heading South, down to Buckeye donut. I took him to the counter and his eyes became huge as he scanned the wire bins of maple glazed, sugar n’ cinnamon, chocolate on chocolate. He settled on an old fashioned cake, top-dunked in chocolate and adorned in rainbow sprinkles. I salivated while I watched him make quick work of the tasty golden torus of perfection and lived, for just a moment, vicariously through him. 

A recent post by the Gluten-free Girl informed me that now I can have my cake and eat it too. Thanks  Shauna and Dough Buddies! This led me to do a quick search on the Saveur site where I discovered this. Ok, now I'm really salivating. I think Taran's upcoming birthday cake might have to be a plate of donuts.

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